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Hey, I'm Clare - an 19 year old English girl who likes a hell of a lot things. I would go into detail of them all but if you flick through my blog then you'll get an idea.
Come join me on my path of enlightment as this is the stage of my life and it would be nice for someone to come along for the ride with me :)
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Looking for Alaska
Alaska Young. Gorgeous, clever, funny, sexy, screwed up - and utterly fascinating. Miles Halter could not be more in love with her. But when tragedy strikes, Miles discovers the value and the pain of living and loving unconditionally.
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Society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue, in the attempt to form a 'perfect society'. On her Choosing Day, Beatrice Prior renames herself Tris, rejects her family's Abnegation group, and chooses another faction.




how do you ask what a glass of water is doing?

a glass of water is an inanimate object and is incapable of having a thought process or understanding english

water you doing 

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Fifty Shades of Grey is a thing again.

I’ve started a book reviewing blog on WordPress - please check it out and let me know your opinions on the books I’ve been and will be reviewing!



My fav thing about tumblr is the complete lack of country music it makes me feel like this is where I should be

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99% of women who’ve ever had sex have used birth control at some point in their lives. Obviously there’s gotta be a lot of reasons why so many have joined the party―BuzzFeed asked 22 women for theirs. The answers are perfect. 

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Best $1.85 I have ever spent.

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"[He is] kind of a big dork," Evans’s mother said in an interview with GQ. “At 30, he still knows all the words to songs from The Little Mermaid.”

I CANT. HE KNOWS ALL THE SONGS TO LITTLE MERMAID???? Honestly he is the most perfect human being 😍

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